You were different.
You were different. passion stories

spadezealous Made in space with alongside the stars
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This story is somehow... about a boy. Surprise, surprise.

You were different.

by spadezealous

You were different. You were new. Though the only thing that mattered was that you weren't her.

At first you were awful. At first you were horribly selfish I had to remember that different isn't always a good thing.

You warmed up to me. I warmed up to you. You changed. I changed. We changed. You were considerably attractive In the way you carried yourself, and the way you spoke. And I liked you.

Though you had changed, you were still you. And you were a loud, arrogant soul, And yet I still loved you.

It had been a year. We had grown up. And we were angry.

We lashed out against our country, against the way we were raised. Our rebellion reeked of chaos, and all we sought was destruction.

In public, you were violent, and often times found yourself in trouble.

Yet, in private you were soft, and comforting. You were loving.

Your love had felt like rain. And we all know just how much I love the rain.

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