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Also an old daft I'd meant to finish, but never did. A drastic change of events happened between the writing of most of this poem and now. While I was thinking about marriage, she was thinking about breaking up.


by spadezealous

The prequel

I have never written about this boy. I dated him years ago. I had no feelings for him. I only dated him because I hated myself, and it was fitting, for he left a sour taste in my mouth.

The first

She was pretty like the morning sun peeking through your curtains. She was pretty like a bird. She was smart, the IQ level of a genius. I loved her, but never made a move.

The second

This boy was pretty in the way that men usually are. Sharp jawbone, deep eyes, and white boy hair. The typical masculine personality. Arrogant, and dirty minded. He was pretty, but not to me.

The third.

This girl was pretty in a way I had never seen before, never in movies, books, or music. She was overwhelming, like walking under a waterfall. It wasn't long before we started dating.

I shouldn't have ridden out the wave like I did. I should have kept swimming, put in effort to talk to her everyday, to keep the distance from creeping in.

but did I? No, absolutely not. I let her drift away from my love, which wouldn't stop roaring.

My girlfriend Katie broke up with me on June 20th, 2017, at 8:23pm. And it was all my fault.

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