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spadezealous Made in space with alongside the stars
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This is a story/free verse poem about the thoughts many people have laying in bed at night, contemplating things, their life, romance, murder. The usual.


by spadezealous

Open eyes glare at me from my bedroom ceiling. What do they want?

They blink slowly and separately, transfixing my gaze unusually quickly. I can't help but lose myself in their endlessness.

They begin to become more than eyes, grey flesh appears around their ghastly features. And yet their eyes persist on, vibrating with a demonic glow.

When I looked at some, they seemed to pressure me into wanting things, actions and emotions.

Lust, Guilt, Envy, Rage, a colorful palette of cravings caused by the holes in my heart.

They appear here every night, before I fall asleep. I question everything, I wonder how grounded anyone can really ever be.

These are the creatures that haunt my bedroom ceiling. They want me to say hello.

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