Game of Thrones S5 recap
Game of Thrones S5 recap season-6 stories

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Game of Thrones S5 recap

by SpaceKoolnaut

Season 6 is upon us! Let's recap..

If your not caught up to speed, best to back peddle cause Spoilers up ahead!

So TYRION been chilling with DAENERYS in Meereen and whatnot

Sharing their favorite playlists and Pinterest recipes while plotting her return to WESTEROS!

DAENERYS used to have a fling with AQUAMAN

but the super Seaman got called back to Atlantis to prep for some guys running around in a red cape and a black cape

TYRION decided to drop kick a few Elves for the Queen

"He must be a South Pole Elf"

Everyone pissed off DAENERYS so she just took off on DROGON

aka her Luck Dragon aka #ByeFelicia

Cersei is still in love with her brother Jaime

Once you can get past this from the first episode, it's a GREAT SHOW!

Brienne of Tarth aka Captain Phasma is our favorite Knight

She kicks butt every episode! except in Force Awakens

JORAH MORMONT still in the friendzone with KHALEESI

and got a bad case of ECZEMA

Poor Sansa left at the mercy of a Wackadoo

not this JACKASS, but another one named Ramsay Bolton

We have ARYA who was getting all kinds of Jedi like training

A Man does not hold his lightsaber on the pointy side

ARYA was about to achieve The Glow like Bruce LeRoy

but then disobeyed her Master and The House

and the Result left ARYA blind

Arya's vision was left UP IN SMOKE

Maybe in Season 6, ARYA will go all Daredevil on us

and have to fight The Punisher and The Hand as well

Hate her or Love her, the Red Witch could be pivotal in S6

or just continue to do what she does best in Seducing all of Westeros

Our beloved JON SNOW = Badass who fought off White Walkers

with his powerful sword aka LONGCLAW

We envision JON SNOW to save all of WESTEROS!

with his trusty Direwolf named GHOST by his side

Then the Creator and Executive Producers decide to KIBOSH

our Hopes and Dreams by killing off our SAVIOR!

by OLLY! The resident orphan of the Night's Watch!

Jon truly knew nothing at this moment

We have to agree with ESQUELETO after that.

"No Orphans were Harmed in this Disclaimer"

Will BRAN return from Hogwarts with Potter-like Wizadry?

Your a Wizard, BRAN!

Will JON SNOW be resurrected by the RED WITCH or better

yet, return as The White Walking Dead? Where Daryl at?!

Winter is coming back on April 24 2016 to HBO

so be prepared like our buddy Randy!

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