A Story about You
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spacechildDriven by the fear of being forgotten.
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A Story about You

by spacechild

She's on a business trip.

To somewhere in Australia, you can't be bothered with the specifics.

She joked about the Sydney Oprah House

"Aw c'mon babe, It's literally a pile of dishes."

You both laughed

She sounded so convincing but you know those tears aren't only of laughter

The flat is oddly quiet without her

But it isn't uncomfortable, like it was when she was here.

You didn't feel the need to make small talk or remind her to buy milk just to fill the room with Something

There's a picture of the two of you on her bedside table

You were at the Grand Canyon

You're looking at each other with so much love

You don't know how you even got here

You've realized months ago

And it's a painful revelation

But you just want to hold on to a ghost of what was

Loving looks, kisses on cheeks and wrapping her in your arms

But it's inevitable, really;

It took you by surprise, but it shouldn't have

You're falling out of love

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