Two Truths, One Lie Answers
Two Truths, One Lie Answers 2-1-2021 stories

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Answers to Two Truths, One Lie!

Two Truths, One Lie Answers

Your time is up. 12 hours have passed. Now on to the answers.

1. I've got a short story published in a book

Truth. It was when I was in elementary school. I was in...5th grade? I had some people who helped me with my writing and helped me edit the story. It was really cool. The book had a lot of stories and I had to go to the nearest Barnes and Noble, which is like thirty minutes from where I live, to sign something.. I don't quite remember

2. I've read over 400+ books

Truth. I just really like books and reading them. I can finish a 50 chapter story in one day (if i don't go to sleep) or in two days.

3. I've gone to three San Diego Comic-Cons

Lie. I've never been to San Diego or to Comic-Con. I did go to Carlsbad, which is the closest city to San Diego. The only reason I went there was because I went to Legoland on a field trip three years ago.

The people who guessed correctly are @goldenphoneix and @martymcfly (technically they also guessed #1 but eh) Congrats!

I hope you have a good day/night!

- Wednesday

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