TLF Memes (Part 3?)
TLF Memes (Part 3?) tlf stories

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TLF Memes (Part 3?)

Andy, storming into the house: 𝘴𝘪𝘭𝘦𝘯𝘤𝘦 Akani: Why are you only wearing one shoe? Andy: The giant mud puddle down the road demanded a sacrifice.

Art, sitting in a corner: [whispers] Be strong. Avie: Uh, Ramona, who is he talking to? Ramona: His WiFi signal.

Elliott, sighing: Andy, if your friends were to jump off a cliff, would you? Andy: I’d be the first one off that fucking cliff.

Elliott: If you want boys to respect you, show them you're serious. Shoot someone, blow something up.

Ramona: But…why? Avie: Because this is what I do: science. Avie: And giving myself panic attacks with mock nuclear warnings-

Akani: There's no 'I' in team, but there's one in pizza. The team: So you're not going to share. Akani: I'm not going to share.

Rommie: Don’t test me right now, Andy. Andy: You’re like half my size. What are you going to do? Kick me in the ankle? [later] Akani: Um, why is Andy on the ground crying? Charley: Rommie kicked them very hard in the ankle.

Andy: Consider the following. Andy: Seatbelts. Except they throw you out of your seat, and they’re called yeetbelts.

Ramona: If you interrupt my reading one more time this book will become a lethal weapon.

Art: Do you miss the imagination of childhood? Andy: I never had one. Art: An imagination or a childhood?

Ramona: I relate to Belle because she loves books and likes people for who they are Andy: I relate to Tinkerbell because she needs attention or she dies.

Art: Jail’s not fun, I’ll tell you that much. Avie: You’ve been to jail?? Art: Once, in Monopoly.

~In the beginning~ Andy: Welcome to the crew! Please leave your sanity and common sense at the door. Art: Won't we be needing those? Ramona walking in: Not anymore.

Avie: Thanks for agreeing to see me. Ramona: I didn’t, you just barged in here and started talking. Avie: I don’t need a history lesson, Ramona, I was there.

Akani: Whose turn is it to give the pep talk? Art: Andy's. Andy: Okay, fuck shit up in there, but don’t die. Akani: Inspirational. Andy: Great! See you all in hell.

Ramona: Hey, what was the name of the guy we always bump into at the market? Avie: His dogs' names are Spot and Fluffy. Ramona: …That's not what I asked?? Avie: That's the information I have.

Ramona: Your tsundere process is mysterious, Andy.

Andy: I can’t believe you live nearby and won’t let anyone crash at your place. Akani: You people already know too much about me. Andy: I know exactly three facts about you, and one of them is that you won’t let any of us crash at your place.

Elliott: I don’t need therapy. I have you guys. Andy: We’re just as fucked as you are! It’s like the blind leading the blind!

Elliott: I accidentally indulged in too much “me time.” Elliott: Turns out I’ve been reported missing for over six months and presumed dead by most local and national authorities.

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