I don't want to live forever (Part 3; The Truth, part 1)
I don't want to live forever (Part 3; The Truth, part 1) i'm sorry it's short stories

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How will the group react to the truth? Will they be able to forgive Theodore?

I'm so sorry it's short. ANY ART USED HERE IS NOT MINE!

I don't want to live forever (Part 3; The Truth, part 1)

I'm so sorry this took so long. You may be saying "wHy wEdnEsDay, iT's WeDnEsDay, NoT mOnDaY! yOu LiEd." pfft...wednesday..hehe...anyways.. Monday was a federal holiday. Sorta. Let me enjoy the days I don't go to school. And yesterday I was way too tired to even do anything. You try writing something on only three hours of sleep. Either way, let's get to the story!

When Theodore joined everyone else in the living room, there were boxes of full take-out food scattered around the room. The food had arrived so fast, unlike the other times the group decided to get take-out. It would always take forty minutes or more. Theodore took a deep breath and sat down beside Anthony on the couch. He grabbed the closed take-out box on the table and hesitantly started to open it.

Anthony sighed as he put down his fork and rolled his eyes. “Seriously, Theodore. Just open it already. Even Geraldo and Sparky aren’t as picky with their food.”

Theodore stuck his tongue out at Anthony. “First of all, they’re animals. They’d eat anything we give them without hesitation. Second of all, I’m only being like this because I have no idea what’s inside the box.”

Anthony laughed as he put his food down on the table. “You could’ve asked what it was, pretty boy. And for your information, it’s Chinese food. Or specifically, chow mein, orange chicken, egg rolls and crab rangoon.”

Theodore groaned at the nickname Anthony had coined for him. It wasn’t as annoying as he remembered it to be. The group ate in silence, no one daring to break the delicate thing. Theodore nervously ate his food, looking at Andy, who seemed to be staring into his soul. When he finished, he put down the box on the table and cleared his throat. He quickly looked at Andy who nodded.

“So, guys. I have to tell all of you something...um...really important.” He said nervously as he fiddled around with his fingers.

Charley looked up from her food and smiled. “Oooh, what is it? Some good news?” She paused and frowned. “Or is it some bad news?”

"Yeah, whatever Charley just said," Andy said as they looked at their nails.

"I've been lying to all of you about something. And if it wasn't for Andy, I wouldn't have told you."

Everyone except Andy and Theodore looked at each other confused and then looked at Andy suspiciously. She didn’t say anything and only shrugged at them.

"What do you mean?" Isla asked as she narrowed her eyes at Theodore.

“I’m not normal.” He paused and looked at Charley. “And please don’t interrupt me to say that all of us here aren't either." He sighed. "Truth to be told, I’m immortal”

Kaira’s eyes widened with an unrecognizable emotion. Theodore thought he could see some excitement in her eyes, but he wasn’t sure. “That’s so cool!” She exclaimed as she was almost practically jumping up and down in her seat.

Theodore smiled at Kaira softly. The room fell completely silent. If someone dropped a pin, everyone would be able to hear it. He waited for a response or a reaction from the rest of the group. And when he didn't get any, he feared for the worst.

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