Meet me in the middle S1 E1 "Pilot"
      Meet me in the middle
                          S1  E1

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spacealienshrek You can call me herambe
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Meet me in the middle
S1 E1

Meet me in the middle S1 E1 "Pilot"

Being the middle child...Is like being the "Center of attention" right? WRONG

Your the odd one out. The one that Is invisible...The one that never gets attention.

I wake up in the morning at just start my day. My life is super normal, So nothing odd yet.

I pick out my clothes...

Shower and brush my teeth...

And walk to school with my friend.(Her name is alissa, and yes she IS popular. Its a secret friendship)

Then is when i realized...PROM WAS NEXT WEEK! Today is monday to i have about...6 DAYS TO FIND A DATE. Yet again alissa is already going with popluar friends, AND a date.

I decided i was just going to stay home, I mean i was about to anyways...RIGHT!? All of my siblings are going anyways, So i can get a chance to read in QUIET for once.

Anyways, It was 6th period. And i almost had to read this note to my teacher. It only really said "Will you go to prom with me caleb? from your secret admire. Yes its cringey, but i had to try.

Caleb rejected me to prom anyways. I just wish there was a boy in the school, that was not a player you know?

I went to my favorite beach but then it started to rain. I make sure to keep the beach as clean as i can but then...I saw it!

People were putting trash on the beach! I ad to tell them not to straght away! The...THEY PUSHED ME IN THE WATER! I never learned how to swim and i was panicing! then i felt something grab my hips and pull me above water!

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