s t u c k i n h e a d s p a c e
s t u c k   i n   h e a d   s p a c e depress stories

space_is_wide Writer/Poet<3
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The side affects of the brink of depression.

s t u c k i n h e a d s p a c e

Threw all that has happened, I am still here. From the long adventures through my head, to the situations right here. I have gone over mountains of screaming thoughts and winds of pain.

Oceans of deep pain in the general world. I have yet to defeat the pain and suffering from the deep woods of my mind. A human mind is a horrifying place.

Getting stuck brings you one step closer to the end.

But if you are one of the great strengths, you can overcome and get out of the galaxies of astroids getting thrown at you, containing words you have to conjure up and say.

but usually nothing comes out but the clouds cry from your eyes, wanting to scream and shout but can't move or say anything. Unless you want to ruin any chance of getting out.

Always stuck in the headspace. Being shaken out, and staring off into space. Not even knowing what you're looking at.

Being called weird and no one knowing your problems and what you're dealing with.

It hurts.

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