Quarantine Part - 1

                           Part - 1 quarantine stories

soupy Community member
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I wrote this in March. When the quarantine started. Checkout my next poem. Quarantine part 2 which was written in October.

Quarantine Part - 1

Empty roads and empty places Its been a while since v saw new faces Hiding at hom, covering al bases Doing nothing but conquering cyberspaces

What is that i hear? Is that a bird’s chirp? Loud nd clear without a disturb! Y s dis d first tym i observe? Is dat wat dey deserve?

Loved ones at home, 24/7 All together did i mention? Is it truly a heaven? Or time for a lesson? This s d time to show affection!

I wonder what i wud hav done without quarantine? Never would hav njoyed d awesome green We al r so into the machine Running only on high caffeine

But hoping this comes to an end soon Waiting lik a wolf for the new moon -Sue

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