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soupseason Insta: Asbestos_in_my_lungs
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I'm handing out free therapy! its not like i ever signed up to be a therapist, stop treating me like one.

Free therapy

I'm handing out free therapy!

Come get it while you can!

It's against my will

I don't want to do this

I never signed up to be a therapist

what am I supposed to do when you come to me and say you're going to kill yourself

i can't ignore you because you're important to me

you do this every week

I'm losing myself because of you

in the beginning, I thought this was good

I thought, Hey you're relying on me we can do this with each other

but whenever I ask for help which I never do you're never there for me

I try and I try but without someone here for me how can I continue on like this

I'm breaking and not very slowly

please who told everyone I was the suicide hotline

this keeps happening every day someone relies on me to keep them alive


no one cares if I die

Come get your free therapy today!

Get it while you can!

Limited edition not going to be around for long!

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