Ever so close
Ever so close poetry stories

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Ever so close

Ever so close

it seems as if it was thousandths of miles away;

that would be, for the most part the truth;

undoubtedly it is quite far;

not only is it far in distance but in time too.

You know it very well;- so do I,... we know it,

As the heart speeds, the clock slows,

minutes turned into hours, body trembling.-

I know it,.. Its far away... you know it too,-

knowledge brings no relief

It seems no matter where I go, it follows

you know it, I know it,

But really... we don't know....

as far as it seemed I was always there

How could I not be, how could I even leave,

why cant I leave...?

As I bombard my mind with questions,

I get up from my stool and go make a cup of coffee

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