Cold fish
Cold fish poetry stories

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Cold fish

The lake moved by violent wind makes us drift.

the hook gets stuck on land, my father rows faster,

as I jump off the boat, my feet start burning,

as fast as i can i free the hook and jump back in,

by the time i get back my hands are burning as well,

father says its all right, it will pass soon,

drifting down the stream I cant help but smile,

I cast the rod one last time in hoping for fish.

The hook gets stuck again and breaks,

father looks over, It cost me 75$! he says angrily.

I laugh and continue fishing, later he smiles again,

have you had a good day? - i ask him calmly.

Never had I had a better day he says as we laugh.

We notice its getting dark and cold, we decide to go back.

we get off the boat, as we walk with a smile on our faces,

I can barely hear my father when he mutters: cold fish it is.

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