[Pull] reality stories

soundofblue Thoughts in silence too loud to ignore
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Is the world you live in flawed, or is your perception of the world flawed? The feeling of being lost in yourself before even finding a way to reality.


Magnetized to similarities Polarized into grand fallacies To me, playing out fantasies became the core of all my realities

Repeatedly breaking down Unspoken and riled up Unstable words to show the blurred thoughts played out

It's so convincing, it seems Another shot to feel the need At the bottom of the glass with a new found mental greed

With the air clouding up Breathing in dark cuts Holding lies closed shut Feeding eyes with great lust

Flowing sounds slowing down A twist of words that can't be found The lines between the ink that bleeds the truth beneath the vacant sound

Echos pierce the hands that show all the dirt mixed in the flow These marks bring curious thoughts with answers crossed in red, they know

there's simply more in silence Too little is more than you need A wall riddled with stories to know where this road leads

A canvas created by flaws The artist defiled by laws Colors mix to hide the fact there was anything wrong to draw

Covering the sinking feelings Drowning old demons in condemnation Prioritizing the value of words poured onto the plate as decoration

Mixed together with a bit of guilt A side of lies, with truth that spilt Over the edge of what I can handle Topped off with bits of scandals

With vision of mental stages and illusions of pretentious wages A front to make it seem like it could be worse in many ways than

what is actually going on and where is this all heading to a shadow forced behind the ways I choose to face away from you

Push, pull, release my hand into the place I cannot withstand My feeble heart beats silently underneath the ground built from sand

As I sink into the folds inside the crumpled papers put aside With stories holding what I deny and actions that I don't decide

When all that really matters comes crashing down and shatters into basic problems and points that always blends into a platter

Served raw at it's finest Cut into words with no silence Woven into sheets of warm kindness Strung together to find guidance

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