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soundofblueThoughts in silence too loud to ignore
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Late night rambling, not knowing what happened in between, only where you started, the end never to be seen

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The hand hits twelve playing tic tac toe X marks the spot and the gun makes the blow

You come for the shot but you pay for the show Hands crossed, eyes locked hoping they'll never know

Fragmented thoughts convulsing Every bitter thought pulsing As the comfort of warmth breaks without the chill of releasing

the breath of the faces that covers up your braces chained deep into the heart covering all of the traces

that point to the shame of death in your frame It uncovers the only part that is left to blame

How much more can you push? Pull it together to only break the voice of the times left empty for your sake

The eyes combine and draws the true line but without the strings you can barely align

where this story that's told came to turn and unfold The epilogue of the mind with the prologue in bold

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