The Legend of Mr. Sheetz
The Legend of Mr. Sheetz suspicion stories

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The Legend of Mr. Sheetz

Mr. Sheetz was an older man who owned the forest in our neighborhood

Pure evil with a stern demeanor as he stood

Rumor has it he stole the souls of the kids who roamed in his woods

"Be careful", my sister would say,

"don't go alone or he would take you away"

He walked quietly on his trails searching for children to slay

This caused fear among many of my peers

Taking children and leaving their parents in tears

He left many of us torn in our fears

I never came across Mr. Sheetz

My friend Ryan did however

I asked him about it and he knew better

Mr. Sheetz gave his family wood to burn during the cold weather

Mr. Sheetz offered his family a hand when they first moved in

This man helped fix up their home without asking for anything in return

Ryan never heard these stories so there was no concern

Mr. Sheetz was an amazing man as I would later learn

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