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how the ego works

The I in me

I deserve this. I am that

Ohh, the limiting factor of that mindset

The developing ego

Necessary, but constraining

God doesn't desire to credit Himself with your success or failures, so why should you?

Don't you see that the ego has caused much suffering in your life?

The regret from our fate and freewill, decisions that conflict

Decide to give your life to the Divine, and see your fate as aligned

However, the ego is necessary

The ego allows for sacrifice and freewill

If you act like an abused woman, will you find a man who treats you well?

You cannot have everything you desire with the same tendencies that restrict those possibilities

Harness the power of the ego in order to walk with humbleness and self-worth

This act of free will must be considered 100 percent of the time in order to change destiny into something more positive

The Divine is within God, is within all that is

The soul belonging to you will earn what it has attracted

Your soul is involuntarily influenced by the planets and stars

The positioning you can not change, as they are fulfilling their agenda

But we can voluntarily change

What do you want your soul to experience? How do you want it to progress?

Relinquish the I in me, leave the fear behind, and keep the rest

Life is a school, step up to the test

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