The Heroes’ Journey
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the heroes' journey

By: John Yarbrough

The Heroes’ Journey

by John Yarbrough

The journey of your soul travels through a world map

There are several ways to your destination, there is more than one path

If the road is blocked go and find another route

Don't sit and wait for the options that are now out

Fill up the tank to your automobile and enjoy the scene along the way

These experiences add to your progression, much to your dismay

A few stops during your voyage but don't stay too long

Encourage the passengers on your journey to come cruise along

You might encounter a flat, or even get into a wreck

Give your soul some attention. Give your car a routine check

The tears, the fears and hardships. They happen regardless

Don't lose track of your path. Turn on your headlights through the darkness

The open ocean brings you to your tropical paradise

This is the destination where the location of your soul lies

It gets unsettling in the ocean when the weather is stormy

This is the beauty of life. This is the heroes' journey

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