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Earth is screaming for our support

By: John Yarbrough

Screaming Mother

by John Yarbrough

Land of the free

Land of the free?

The worth of Mother Earth is infinite

Yet we test this truth by purchasing Her gifts using credit

Land of opportunity

Land of opportunity?

For whom?

Mother Earth is our home, yet we act as if it is a hotel for rent

Constantly taking from Her fortune without Her consent

Trees cut down to put up buildings and structures for businesses, intended to take more than give

Natural disasters looked upon as a blessing if it tears down neighborhoods filled with the "undesirables"

Rebuilding and zoning neighborhoods to fit their need for material dominance

Casinos and strip clubs built to bring in visitors and drive the common man out of his province

Nowhere to return, forced to take their families to a place that doesn't exist

Millions abandoned and hopeless existing in the deepest darkest abyss

There's the idea that with financial dominance comes an increase in well-being

Justifying in your mind that it's okay to strip the basic needs of another human being

Financial power is a tool that can be used for the betterment or detriment of humanity

Creating poverty or wealth for those who are unable to provide is your choice

Decisions should be based upon the advancement of the collective

The time has come to be less selfish and be more progressive

The Earth needs a break from the artificial so She can start Her healing

Discovering the use of natural resources so that we can start rebuilding

Let's be more mindful of how we take from and give to the Earth

Possibilities are endless when we support Her rebirth

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