Rahu and Ketu
Rahu and Ketu vedic stories

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Vedic mythology

Rahu and Ketu

by soulssymbols

I was a loyal servant to the king

Running back to his castle with a warning

The enemies were expected to be coming

In the distance I could see they were approaching

Our base was marked with a flag on the castle

We were surrounded by the enemy. They were ready for battle

Outnumbered 100 to 1 we stood no chance

We had to evaluate our choices as they began to advance

The only way out was to hid in the nearby jungle

However, to enter seemed just as much of a struggle

The magic of the forest had a tone that was mysterious

The magic of the forest was known to make initiates delirious

I would hear the cries from the slaughter of those left behind

The jungle has a way to play games with the mind

After the sunset the jungle became more lively

Returning to my castle seemed much more unlikely

The only thing to do now was to just survive

Everything was gone, my pleasures were deprived

Trusting spirit to help find my way out

The days gone by and I was living in doubt

18 years later, I made it through with some persistence

The castle stood strong, I could see it in the distance

I returned home with the feeling it had never left

Now I live freely as I passed the test

The castle looks the same but stripped of all its gold

A sage waiting at the entrance with a story to be told

"You were taken away to be stripped of your pleasures

Now sit here and in contemplation to recover your treasures."

Nothing but emptiness, nothing I could call mine

Nothing to be found as I search for the divine

Searching for my treasure as the headless mystic had advised me

Changing my perceptions of what I thought of reality

7 years passed and I finally received a response

The duality of life is truly a nuance

The unknown and known is seen as the same

The balance of life is a struggle to maintain

No longer scared to leave my home

No longer scared to enter the unknown

In the jungle of my soul rests a flag

I carry my heart in a paper bag

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