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Listen Carefully

Listen carefully to that whisper in your ear

That message often gets disregarded, though it is clear

Ignore it too often and it becomes a scream

Your guides want the best for you, they are your team

Part of the brain is for thinking and the other is for listening

The dual nature of our communication

In this systematic culture, our thinking has more influence

How can I get this? How can I get that?

Find balance. Listen, receive and give

Practice this skill if you feel lost

Surrender to this dual nature if you want to live

To surrender is free. Do this at all costs.

Lower and higher realms of consciousness.

We must live in both

Don't get caught up in the lower realm of false pleasures

You will be surely upset

We came from God and must think as God

We will always return and see the lower as a school to prepare us to perform our purpose

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