I broke the family cycle
I broke the family cycle better stories

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enough is enough

I broke the family cycle

I broke the family cycle.

A long line of false pleasures and addiction

Abuse and unhappiness

Well-intended people make poor mistakes

It wasn't easy. An innocent and insecure man has the same options

Rejection and self-worth leading to addiction to cope with unresolved issues

Good-natured but afraid to be good to oneself

Therefore, you really aren't all that good. Incomplete

But you strive to be better

You hear your guides

After years of not listening, you get slammed into trouble and regret

Over and over. The cycle continues

You're tired of feeling weak. Being weak.

Enough is enough. Tomorrow I start fresh

A new man. Easy as that

Tomorrow comes and you say the same

But finally

You marry yourself

For better or worse

You accept who you are in this present moment

You commit to yourself

Today you break the cycle

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