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Imagination is a powerful tool. Use with caution

By: John Yarbrough

Extra Eyes

by John Yarbrough

I wanna travel the world. There is so much to see.

But the world is at a standstill unfortunately

Close your eyes, it's not so hard to believe

That within me, the universe can be seen entirely

Imagination. the best tool for exploration

Imagination. sets no boundaries or limitation

Live your life with attention and observation

Create your life and allow for transformation

Go deep in the process, get past the stage of thinking

Do not force information, allow it to gracefully sink in

Take yourself out of the physical experience and place yourself inside

The possibilities are endless with extra eyes

The information will come in and it won't always seem real

But it is more real than waking life and that you will feel

Are these imaginations actual or are they just lies?

The possibilities are endless with extra eyes

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