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give and live

Be at service

Don't you want to be rich?

Then give away your riches.

Do you want more from life?

Then give more and be at service.

There is an abundance. The universe was made that way. Infinite.

Wish for something and lose it. Make the decision to just believe it.

The mind will go through obstacles to get what it wants. What it believes it deserves

Not realizing everything is already here, God supplied us with infinite reserves

Desire to give more than you receive, and realize you have what you need

Deliver service with love, and your cup will fill with the surplus of wine that remains

Spirit flows through the universe whether you accept it or abstain

This love you are entitled to, so accept it and heal your pain

Take without appreciation and gratitude and lose it all

Stand on your pedestal and you will likely fall

Give to live and keep yourself fulfilled

Be at service and donate the love you will build

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