On finding home
On finding home knowing stories

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It's not just a love song or a love story It's one of belonging

On finding home

It's not just a love song or a love story It's one of belonging

Of connection Of coming home

Pieces of my soul forgotten about, ignored and dismissed I met you that day and in a moment, it dawned on me

What about all this? This part of me My soul started to really breathe It understood that what had been seemingly living for a long while was not nearly all there is

That bits, parts, lots of true self had been untouched, unrecognized for so long

You were my open door to it My path for the quest to find it

The connection had no name or label No stated intimacy or particular emotional vulnerability

It was the sheer awareness of rather suddenly being known and understood by another Without the effort And just knowing it

The more you could be by my side, the more it would be confirmed in me, in eachother

And truth is, I knew you. I felt you. I could track your nuance and feelings and angles and approaches.

I got them and predicted them. I was challenged by them, loved them, and cherished them.

The night you found me and we spent 5 hours together. How could I decline?

It was then my dream. It was my dream from day 1 too. Meant to be or not, only a part has and will ever see the light.

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