Monochrome Storm
Monochrome Storm poetry stories

soulplxx I can't trust my brain
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Something I wrote after being away for a little while! Kind of inspired by Waltz Sketch/ On the Steps by Paddy Mulcahy, songs which are so atmospheric but empty to listen to. This is a bit more moody than usual but just what I felt like writing! Thanks as always :)

Monochrome Storm

The enveloping grey sky

Releases the rain like a mercenary

Or a tender of the hounds

setting them loose.

I run for cover but it's too late

And the rain ensures my untimely capture.

Each drop, the atrophy of my emotion

Every stream, slowing the passage of time to a halt

And all colours- red, green, yellow, blue,

Disappear as I'm drowning in a world of monochrome.

Quickly! I'm trying to feel again

But the storm has stopped

And left me soaked to the bone,

With a heart no longer beating.

Choking on my own emptiness,

As my happiness slips through my desperate grasp

And my life splutters down the drain.

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