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sororyuki I translate some stories as Soror.
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What am I for? I loved her truly. I was loved, maybe....

Japanese---> @soror_emi


by sororyuki

"Are you kidding me!?" Her voice was always louder. What was clear to me is what backed up her instinct, confidence or rights, this is what made up her mind.

So that's why It is always a tough act for me to follow. "What's this situation!?"

She said it exact to me in front of her, but her voice went toward everyone in the cafe which I thought she tried to tell everyone a story.

It's not a louder voice alone, but she said it dramatically so I could concentrate only on her voice not what she talked to me about.

The distance between me and her is about 40 inches and she was near to me that her hand could reach and slap my cheek. Despite this why did she raise her voice as if I am so far away from her.

"Me just being here, as you see." I said. "What does exactly as you see mean.." Her face filled up with desparate color.

A few minutes before, she seemed to be mad at me and her face looked-well complexion, at that time, all I could see that to be a glassy-look as if she had died.

"What's happened.." she said. "What, what?" "I mean, it's too sudden.." "I know, but it is what it is." "That's not what I meant!"

She said it loudly again as she recalled. Behind us, an old couple drank a cup of coffee and stared at her with a suspicious look.

It made me feel sorry for her though I felt happy somehow because l let her, who has always been perfect be upset. I broke into a smile.

"What's funny!?" "I just feel happy." "I knew you are crazy but I have never thought that you are going too far."

"You know what? Only one who has loved someone truly could see the dead soul whose time to rest in peace. I actually didn't notice about it until I died."

I said and stood up from seats that I had sat in. The fact, I was floating on the chair. I took one step to her is about to burst into tears. I couldn't feel the step that is on earth.

I tried to reach to her but my right hand never touched her head. "It means, the one YOU really love me in the world people live in." I said.

She glared at me and didn't even notice about the people around her. "Stop it, don't joke around." "I'm serious. I'm floating like this in front of you seriously."

I was overacting which is a belittling attitude to show towards her. I didn't mean to, I thought I've done this for her though.

"I will not forgive you." "I'm sorry." "You, you went out and are died selfishly.." "I know, I'm so sorry." "You've never known how awful I felt after that." "Sorry..." "...I loved you so much."

"...I'm sorry." She broke down crying but I politely said just "sorry" over and over again.

My feelings that couldn't tell you before I died will reach to you. "I loved you too."

I didn't know whether she could hear or not. Because my eyes were slowly closing, looking disappeared from my body. I loved her truly. And I was loved, maybe.

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