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sorata_is_edgy No longer will I be controlled.
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A letter addressed to various different people with all the don'ts I never said.



Please, just don't.

Don't ask me how I'm doing when you don't want an honest answer.

The repetition is sickening.

We both know I'm not okay.

But as long as I say I'm okay I won't have to spend another seven years being carted off to a stuffy office filled with a weekly hour of clipboards and questions.

Don't look me in the eye if you don't like to be burned.

My passion is something that spills out and draws the world around me in like a whirlpool.

A freak of nature that captures your fascination.

Don't tell me not to react to a slur,

I already told you this passion to protect is something I can't control.

I'm not the hero to the story

But that doesn't mean I can sit idly by and let people get hurt.

Don't try to bandage this bleeding heart.

It doesn't need to be fixed,

It just wants to be loved.

Don't try to stop me when you read the note.

By now I'm on a bus halfway cross the city admiring the kaleidoscope of starlight reflected off of window panes.

My pain is something I carry with pride.

Know that this is only a temporary goodbye,

I'll see you on the other side.

After I've fought the good fight I'll visit with stories and new battle scars to wonder the next generation.

Don't ask me not to leave.

You can't stop me anymore.

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