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*edited* this is fictional! i'm actually pretty lonely irl! but i really wanted to write this so here it is.

sweet light

DISCLAIMER, because this story is abbreviated- the moments before and after were so wildly different that the whole story would take a lifetime to tell

we were beneath the lights they cast on us, the blanket of gold leaf and roses

you were caught up in some golden cascading dance of little stars a champagne glass

i was blushing, a little pink flower because i had learned to love you and here we were

and suddenly the earth murmured to us it wouldn't spin for just a minute

and the orbits of all the suns and planets and comets and spacerocks slowed made us the stars shone upon us their sweet light

and at first you were burnt sugary crumbs beads of sweat from all the dancing on your lips

but then you were you a waltz of ocean spray mangoes falling from a tree in the tropics a vanilla candle painted with little cherubs

and at first it felt like bleeding, misleading a daisy daze dance of gingerbread and blood roses

but soon it became natural (all that lip balm paid off, i guess) and i grew in your sweet light for a moment before our orbit started again

and some people clapped a little but it's not like they mattered really

we were still struck by our waltz, our little hazy light cloud

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