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so i guess i'm doing two poems a day now. anyway i wrote this a few months ago after a tough spot with my body image and i realized that literally no body is exactly the same. so this poem is for all the people who haven't yet recognized that their body is beautiful. and the flower background is pretty! i thought it symbolizes that we're all different and we're all growing.


we know already we’re on the cusp of your standard;

we see your rules plastered on every building, billboard every face sells us a new criterium

you tell us we can get there just blur our tough spots and buff the sharper edges

and clip away because it’s easy as cutting paper to get to perfection; only coloring inside the lines

it’s a process to break free from it all to make our own knife to cut our own lines

to learn we are human we are more like art than the paintings of woman the sculpted stone goddess the hourglass girl

we are not soft on the eyes we are creased lines, sharp eyes words that soothe and sting

we are more, in the end than your constitution; we are liberated bodies singing freedom anthems of our own lines

we are loved as we are and we are warriors

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