check-in miniseries: unhealthy relationships, pt 2/4
 check-in miniseries:

unhealthy relationships, pt 2/4 relationships stories

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part 2 of the unhealthy relationships miniseries! i am posting these daily, i think , but i might get a little behind.

check-in miniseries: unhealthy relationships, pt 2/4

hi! i'm back with part 2 of this miniseries. if you haven't read part 1, please go and do that. (share it... maybe?) last time we talked about toxic romantic relationships, and i also introduced the series. in part 3 we will talk about how to leave, and in part 4 i will share some personal experience.

but this part is part 2, and i am going to talk about... unhealthy friendships!

i am guessing that most of us have been in an unhealthy friendship, so it can be kind of commonplace. but just because it's common doesn't mean that we can ignore it! shall we begin?

SIGNS OF A TOXIC FRIENDSHIP--- source: - lots of drama- about your friendship or others - they make everything about them - they're constantly putting you down (and saying they're kidding)

contd. - they compete with you about everything - they copy you (sometimes this gets so far as catfishing) - they don't respect your boundaries - they're very needy and won't let you do other things - they're jealous of your other friends - you feel like you have to take care of them all the time

contd. - they don't put any effort into your friendship - they don't feel bad for letting you down - you find yourself doing what they want so as to not set them off - they will tell untrue stories for empathy - being with them is a trap as you are set up to fail

and most importantly... go with your gut! you might not think so, but you are very good at sensing when something is off.

next time, we will talk about how to leave an unhealthy relationship, and then pt 4 will be anecdotes of my personal experience with toxicity. (this might actually end up being 5 parts... oops!)

as always, remember you can message me if you need to talk. please share this if you think it's helpful because it could help someone. let me know topics for future check-ins in the comments! i will try to post a poem soon as well... :)

that's all! love you guys! -evs

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