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sophiebaker98Like many here, a book/ word lover :)
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Wrote for a friend of mine


by sophiebaker98

I always knew she was pretty

But it wasn't until I found it more difficult to look away from her because of her smile. Which was so bright in an environment were everything was so bleak

Not telling isn't out of fear but to keep a friendship

I was raised watching TV shows where friends fall in love, but it was always a boy and a girl. And if it was the opposite sex they classed as gay. Discovering you're half gay means re-evaluating

But I'm not oblivious to the reality

I know she's straight and I respect that. I understand that. I'm not angry at that. I'm happy to keep these feelings to myself. And not out of fear that she will find my feeling strange.

I'll support her as a friend

I will listen to her talk about her crushes and at time encourage if I feel him to be right for her. I even hope to for her to marry and go to the wedding and will love her regardless

Love stories always sound like clichés

Regardless of the your circumstance or how old you are, they always sound cheesy and make you grin. In my personal experience it'll be one I imagine a lot of you reading can relate to.

No matter what I will keep those memories

For she was a major part of my life. Times we shared and worked through together will be treasured by me forever because she was a large portion of my life growing up

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