skin and bones and skin
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dainty things that fly around like lost papers caught by gusts of wind with places to be. i worry.

skin and bones and skin

dainty things that fly around like lost papers caught by gusts of wind with places to be.

i worry.

they don't.

they are what I've always hoped to be.

grass gently reaching out to route me to reality.

i cut right though.

i don't stop.

my heart stays still- at piece with where it's at. numbness makes me feel as though I've been put on jagged ice.

small slopes of goose bumps traverse itself over the microscopic frame I now call my own. a cream-colored shell of emptiness- a pitiful image of something it was.

i'm out of breath. why am I out of breath?

i no longer can lift my schoolbag without panting.

people stare.

my favorite shorts look boxy and need to be tied taunter than before. the bowtie of the elastic feels as though it's holding me together at the waist. inching across my face- a smile.

i can't help but feel guilty.

the dress I bought for saturday drapes over me and almost buries me alive- i almost wish it did. a pathetic mucky mud piece of fabric that reminds me of chocolate candies and all things sweet.

i poured myself a cup of coffee almost the same shade of mud before trying it on this morning- breakfast.

a melodic chaos of aches and peculiar pains make me tired.

i'm tired.

so tired.

tired of it all.

a dish is set before me, an empty and barren land.

it clatters and for an instant before, almost freezes as if knowing what's to come.

then it meets it's grim reaper and becomes what others wince at.

shards of all things broken and beautiful.

an array of confusion and complexity.

a mess for others to clean-up.

scattered everywhere- i feel it's pain.

the dish stares back at me with beating eyes. whispering softly from its broken state. eat.

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