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Boans coated in meat eternal lover

One o one

Like what you mean to me

Like a big bunch of august poppy flowers

Dancing under the tree

The way my being turns toward you

Every cell in my body is with you

Every second

Strange how I went away from you

How the fear consumed me

And I was still flying high

On green planets feeling like an original

Everything has meaning in life

There is destiny all over the place

Spirituality is nice

How does it help me now?

Im learning it all

I get illumination

The end is the most important part for me

To forget it all.

Kiss with you

Fart while we are sleeping on the couch

You being irritated by that

Still the the feeling won't leave me:

You love me more every second

So I do you

How magical

Connect yourself and you will find your eternal lover

The lover that lives inside of you since decades will show up in form of boans coated in meat and skin

You are perfect

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