How to Avoid Being Basic
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How to Avoid Being Basic

by sophia

Look Around

Who in your life is basic? Is it Jessica? Brittany? When you find someone who is basic, don't be like them.

Don't Bandwagon

If Jessica starts wearing army pants and flip flops, don't start wearing army pants and flip flops.

If you see food, eat it.

Jerry from accounting doesn't wanna see the sandwich you ate today. Quite frankly, he's starving in his cubicle and wants to strangle you for shoving your money in his face.

Coffee Orders

There is no need to request a tall, skinny, iced, soy, mocha latte with extra whip, two pumps of vanilla, three shots of hennessy, the eye of sauron, and unicorn tears.


Travel to have new experiences and adventures. Not just to have a nice background for a good selfie.


Wear things that you feel comfortable and confident in. Not things that looked good on Kylie Jenner. If it looks good on a Kylie Jenner it'll probably look terrible on you.


Posting cool aesthetics of your leg hair is superficial and boring. Share your original thoughts on the world or talk about how your dog shat on your shoes.


Don't be friends with people like Brittany and Jessica. Be friends with people like Iris, Sophia, and Quasimodo.

Just Be Yourself

Don't worry about what other people will say or do just because you like to poke dead things and eat grass. Confidence is the coolest trait to have.

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