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I'm leaving stories

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Farewell guys

I'm leaving

First of all happy new year and hope you all do well in your life. This post is to tell you guys that i have enjoyed being a part of commaful and I'll be taking good memories, my past year has been good thanks to this site.

But i won't be posting anymore, not because i don't feel like it but because i considered this a site for writers which doesn't feel like it anymore. Things change, it's natural, but it's sad to see people obsessed with people and not writing.

There are so many brilliant writers and so much talent is being buried. Hate me or don't for saying this but I'm disappointed. This site was solely for writing and poetry but does it feel like it? Not for me anymore, i decided on not posting but i made a return only because i met some good writers and genuinely good people here and I'm thankful.

Writing won't be the same for me anymore, this place made me who i am today and i wish luck to all the new writers and i hope they don't come across unnecessary drama and downsides but enjoy writing and interacting with people on here instead of being dejected and disappointed.

This is my opinion....if you wanna ignore you people can. Lastly be happy and enjoy your time here guys and i hope you all find the best of yourselves ☺☺☺

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