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Just some random junk ☺☺☺


Hey guys, i want to thank you all for the love you've shown me, so here's a little about me, that i would like to tell 😁😁 hope you guys are having an amazing day or night.

1) i have 5 pet roosters, yes, they eat anything and everything 😆😆 -------------> (His name is balloon, and he loves to pose for pictures) (Rest of them are tomato, potato, kiwi and cuckoo)

2) writing in my mother tongue (punjabi) is a bliss for me 💜❤ ------------->

3) I love collecting duel master cards 😍😍 ( sometimes, when i have nothing to do, i play them with my bro) ----------------> ( i also like collecting beyblades, in short this is a part of my childhood)

4) I love catching lizards, (idk why, but i find them cute) -------------> Just look how happy it looks, ( it ran at the speed of light when it wad out of my hand) I've been trying to catch a garden lizard (they r gorgeous), but I've failed miserably.

5) i love to sketch ☺☺😊 -------------->

I didn't feel like writing so i decided to post this. thanks for taking out ur time to read this junk 😂 Stay awesome and beautiful 💜❤💜❤

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