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songofreverie Home of name crises and sore finger pads
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A snake is curling 'round your feet...


I'm broken, shattered, cracked real wide

A glass antique, hollowed inside

Then I meet you and you're the same

All injuries without a name

Your kind words cleanse me like shampoo

I wish I could be balm to you

A silky hand runs through my hair

You captured me, I am ensnared

We talk and laugh and work things out

You clean my heart of soot and doubt

And when I'm broken deep inside

You stitch me up and take my side

Now we're the very best of friends

Since I met you I'm on the mend

I tattoo love upon my heart

And I feel like a work of art

My injuries have long since healed

The ragged skin has scarred and sealed

For you I wish I'd say the same

But I can tell you're still in pain

I love you, friend, with all my soul

Seeing you like this hurts the most

Entangled in your gentle spell

You're breaking, and it burns like hell

A snake is curling 'round your feet

Licking tears that you have weeped

And as you sleep, it slithers up

Around your neck, a silent cusp

I watch all this with flaming eyes

Too scared to be caught by surprise

Your silky touch, now cold as ice

Is clinging to that murderous vice

That image ingrained in my head

Its very thought fills me with dread

Now that you're six feet underground

This graveyard rings with rueful sound.

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