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sonaldhunna Community member
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The feelings


When I look at your beautiful face,

The glow on your face as bright as sunrise makes me step back my pace.

When I look into your deep black eyes,

The sting of exhaustion of my monotonous routine dies.

When I look at your adorable smile,

I am sure that definitely it will blossom thousands of flowers far across the corner of the mile.

When I look at your lips,

And you let out those innocent giggles, it makes my heart jump in leaps and bounds with a slight rip.

When I look at your bright turban,

It makes me feel that you are as chivalrous as any other gentleman.

When I happen to gaze upon your peculiar stride,

I know you get through all difficulties with envious pride.

I am starving for a chance to regain the confidence only you flood into me ,

I need your armour to face my inner conflicts and see.

You have become my weakness and strength,

So let's get through this without any delay in length.

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