A dream come true
A dream come true dream stories

somtings I write, you read but do u believe
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It's a very short story and that's why it doesnt need a plot because the plot is the story and so is the story the plot

A dream come true

It was morning

the sun was shining and the way it made the leafs look like gold I could've swear it was going to be that kinda day where you would sleep smile on your face but that wasnt planned for me.

I left the window and i went downstairs, everything was perfect, it was too perfect but I didnt think much and I looked around hoping that I could hear someone,

deep down I was scared but I didnt know why so I went back upstairs to check if anyone was there and there they were.

I first went to my brothers room and when I saw the his lifeless body, face so pale and the blood soaking in to the wooden floor,

I yelled and ran to my parents room only for me to find them the same,

the faces that I could never forget were owned by them but I knew i had to get help in case the one who brutally dismembered my parents and killed my little brother was here.

I took the first telephone I found and called for help at the same moment i locked myself in to the bathroom, but when the help came they were too late.

They were all along in the same place where I was, I couldnt see them but I was fighting and then I saw, it was me,

it disappeared to thin air but then I woke up from the dream and i was still in jail.

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