Stare Me Down
Stare Me Down horror stories

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"I woke to my sleep paralysis hallucination again, but something was different this time." || 190 word psychological horror short story!

Stare Me Down

I had just bought and set up a new voicemail answering machine.

Early one morning, after I had fallen ill with the flu, I woke to my sleep paralysis hallucination again.

I had the hallucination several times a week for the past two, and in my half-awake fever the hallucination was no pretty sight.

Even if I could have moved, I was too ill and out-of-it to rustle up much energy.

It looked like a young girl but something was off about its wide, staring eyes. It never moved, just stared until I fell back asleep.

That morning, and it's a curious thing, I received a phone call. The ring sounded loud through the apartment.

The hallucination flinched at the sound of the ring. The voicemail clicked on and my mother's voice echoed through the hallway to my room, saying she was coming up to the apartment to visit.

The hallucination turned to the door and stared at it instead.

I fell back asleep, or succumbed to the fever, and passed out, but when I woke up the hallucination was gone and my mother was making breakfast in the kitchen.

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