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"I was four years old when I learned that psychic powers and anxiety don't mix." || Flash fiction about 200 words in length. Sci-fi.


I was four years old when I learned that psychic powers and anxiety don't mix. My pomeranian, my emotional support dog, kept me calm.

I went to a special school for Mutants, those of the population like myself: incredibly powerful and potentially dangerous.

I was in the youngest class of the school, the kindergarten. The government usually found Mutants around the time they were five but I hadn't been good at hiding my powers.

When I got emotional, they tended to get away from me.

I arrived at the school on that first day, clutching my mother's hand with one tiny paw, and the other firmly on Scooter's leash.

The second I stepped into the school boundaries, other Mutants noticed Scooter. Even then, few had known about emotional support dogs.

My class swarmed Scooter and I, and I began to get even more anxious. Scooter was so distracted from the same stimuli that he didn't notice when my hair started to prickle.

The government locked me down after that, and I wasn't allowed near other children for a long time. I got lonely, but it was safer for everyone if I learned control first.

That being said, I still miss Scooter.

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