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A woman dashed out into the crowded street, pursued by two drones...Facial recognition software can be evaded by light so in come the Anglerfish. || 300 words.


A woman dashed out into the crowded street, pursued by two drones. Many in the crowd turned to look at her, as she was also wearing a ridiculous costume that pinned her as an Angler.

Her poncho reflected light in a bizarre display of color, flashing from white to an effervescent rainbow every few milliseconds.

From her head sprouted plastic antennae, presumably connected by the headband she wore around her head.

The antennae lit up at the ends, creating beams of light that bobbed along around her with each impact of her feet against ground.

The drones above her had four spinning blades on each end, and made a soft beating sound as they chased her down the street.

The Angler woman was careening through the crowd, though most shrunk away from her. Many of them were wondering how an angler got spotted by the drones.

Anglers sure may have looked "out-there" with their reflective gear and antennae, but the truth of the matter is that in this city,

their gear is the only thing that can hide from the facial tracking software employed by the drones. The woman tripped and fell, skidding to a halt along the pavement.

The crowd backed away as a projectile from the drone flew at the woman. It broke apart into a weighted net, pinning her down.

She was crying and still struggling to get up as I noticed one of her antennae lay on the ground a few feet away. Her Angler gear must have broken somehow.

I picked it up and pocketed it, my own antennae and jacket refracting light all around me.

Thankfully, I was fully covered as I walked away down an alley, skirting past the drones that claimed my fallen comrade.

Though she had been caught, there were still plenty of fish in the sea.

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