Meeting My Dreams: Ep. 2

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Episode 2 of Meeting My Dreams. This time I meet a mismatched couple.

Meeting My Dreams: Ep. 2

by Somewhereintime

Episode 2: Lava Would've Been Faster

Okay. Deep breaths.

I needed to calm my anxiety. I had already made it through one awkward meeting so the next one could only get better, right? Yeah... I wasn't so sure about that.

Next before me, among the crowd, was a rather strange couple. With both of their powerful presences and non-romantic ways, they didn't seem much like a couple themselves- but I knew better.

They were easily identifiable by their unique mismatched eyes. The woman's were a deep blue the same tint as the sky and the green of a grassy summer field. The man's were two precious coins-

one silver and the other gold. Katsa and Po. The Graceling duo. Oh yeah, this was going to be awkward. Katsa could easily kill me with her pinky alone, and Po, well,

he could basically read my mind... as long as I was thinking about anything to do with him. I was totally not going to make a fool of myself... help me...

"Hi," I offered my hand to Katsa then Po, "I'm Alexa." They both accepted my offering, but only Katsa stated her name in reply. When both of us turned questioning gazes toward Po, he said,

"You already know my name." Shite. Right, the man could hear me. I tried to turn my thoughts to a very boring blank book, a technique I had learned from Katsa herself,

but instead I began thinking about the time Katsa had scared Po by screaming his name in her head. A smile tilted my lips just as Po raised a questioning brow. Fudge.

My cheeks heated. FML. Someone plz kill me. Better yet, Katsa kill me. "I uh," cue awkward cough, "It was nice to meet you." Now run.

Run like there's free Chinese food at the other end of the room, and don't look back. While I was making my escape, I (surprise surprise) tripped. But don't worry,

I didn't fall into a flaming pit of lava. Oh no, my landing was much worse. I came to rest at the feet of a particularly tall and dark figure,

all while managing to knock a plate of drinks over and onto the both of us. At least the lava would've been a quicker death...

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