Family Traditions Remade
Family Traditions Remade secretcomma stories

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A short story about how one family's Christmas traditions are permanently changed...

Family Traditions Remade

by Somewhereintime

The opening credits of my favorite show rolled across the screen.

It was a special Christmas episode that I had been dying to see. I held my breath as the characters gathered around the tree, waiting for the plot to thicken.

The TV went blank, and the lights went out.

"What?" I questioned a loud to no one, "No! This can't happen!"

But it had.

The power was down, which meant no charging devices, no internet, and... worst of all, no Netflix. How was I going to survive this?

"Dad!" I yelled for him. He would know how to fix this. He came into the room, "What is it Maria?" I motioned wildly around me, "The power's out!"

"So?" one of my brothers said while coming in behind Dad, "Go outside instead of sitting in here. It's not like it's cold." He laughed at his own joke.

We lived in Australia. A cold Christmas was a thing of fantasy. "You want me to socialize??" I asked incredulously. The most I ever did was keep up with my favorite Youtubers.

"Fine," I finally agreed with a huff. I grabbed my soccer ball on the way out the door. I might as well get some practice.

My four brothers and Dad joined in until we had a real family game going. Uncontrollable giggles escaped me at the silliness, and I knew that Christmas would never be the same...

"And that was how we came to have our family tradition of playing a game of soccer on Christmas Eve." I finished my story to my bright-eyed children.

Their eyes glowed with wonder as they scrambled off to join their uncles in the family fun.

Christmas truly was a beautiful thing...

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