"She is your sister still, she knows your heart."
"She is your sister still, she knows your heart." sisters stories

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"She is your sister still, she knows your heart."

It's been years since you've been home. You dont go back to home because sister is there. Sister hates you with a burning passion like the summer sun.

That's why you haven't been home, well, home is just her now that everybody we both loved have left this earthly plane.

You didn't want to come home to a vengeful, spiteful creature spitting fiery words at you every day so you left. At least you thought so until you got a letter from her.

Sister is prideful who has a heart that likes to hide, so it makes sense that her letter is short and straightforward, but you can read in between the lines of her true feelings,

"You were the other half of me and I was the same for you. That's why I'm sure I'm not the only one suffering and crying."

Your sister forgiveness is not something you expected, but then your sister has always been kinder and softer than the world has allowed her to be.

You know you used to take advantage of it as a child, of how much she loved you, how much she would have done to protect you. But then again, your sister will forgive you; she always has.

She already has, by letting you come here.

You do not deserve it, but you are no less grateful for how highly she holds you in esteem, how much she must still love you even after all the wrong you have done to her.

Everything is in the past, it is time to overcome it. Easier said than done, that's clear. Neither of us knew how difficult it would be. But there is one step, then another; later, many more.

And maybe, just maybe one day we'll love each other fiercely as we did in the days of old.

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