Please, leave me for once
Please, leave me for once depression stories
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someoneI am a prey that became a predator
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Please, leave me for once

by someone

I just want peace

Why are you still here? Don't you think it has been too long? I've been suffering for too long, can't I live for once?

I want to be free

The problems you've caused me, don't you think it's too much? Are you really going to keep tourmenting me?

I've had enough

I am tired, I want to end our relationship as soon as possible. But all the help I get isn't enough. I don't love you, I never did and never will.

Go far away from me

I can't handle this anymore. I am sad, I am exhausted, I am slowly going crazy. Don't you think I need a break?

Dear depression,

Leave, let me live and let me be happy. Just for once, I want to feel alive.

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