Love them before you lose them
Love them before you lose them grandparents stories

someoneI am a prey that became a predator
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Love them before you lose them

by someone

We learn it the hard way

That's how I learned, with tears in my eyes, that two of the most important people in my life have left us, only a few days before a life changing moment, something that could change my future.

Goodbyes​ hurt

Normally, you have to say goodbye to those who have left us. But I, a mere teen who cared more about exams, let my mother go face the hurtful truth alone and see her parents one final time.

Regret eats me at night

And even after all this time, these 5 years that passed since the tragedy, I have not even once visited them to say goodbye. Crying every night, I feel ashamed of my foolishness and weakness.

Cherish them

So cherish them, tell them you love them before it's too late. You don't have your grandparents for a long time, try to make their last moments feel like a beautiful dream.

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
a year agoReply
This is a lesson that has to be taught. Being a grandparent, your story hit a harmonious chord in me. The writing is tight, terse, and melodic. Your life lesson is something to be seriously considered. My Grandfather died while I was off to war. I thought he could never not be here for me. My Grandmother died 2 weeks after my return from overseas. I spent 24/7 with her until her time came. I count that as some of the best expenditure of time in my life. I cared for my Mother in her final months and that was a gift to me. Your sincerity and insight is a treasure. Keep it up. Great job!

benjSilver CommaStoryteller
a year agoReply
amazing message. thanks for writing this!

plutoCommabassadorPlanets man
a year agoReply
aww very good advice :( i definitely do not say i love you enough