I hate him
I hate him romance stories

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I hate him

by someone

I hate his perfect smile

Every time we talk, he has to make my heart beat faster and my cheek turn red. He has to make me lose my words.

I hate his nice personality

I hate that he makes me feel loved. I hate that he never said a mean thing to me. I hate that every time I see him, I can't stop smiling at him.

I hate his funny jokes

I hate that when I think of him, my day gets better. I hate that he helps me when I feel down. I hate that I can't get over a day without seeing him.

I hate that he will never love me

I hate that I am in love with my friend's boyfriend. I hate that deep down, I wish to have him for myself. I hate that I will never forget him.

I hate myself

And I hate the idea that I will never call him mine. And he will never call me his.

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